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Challenging the Illusion: Health Equity Amidst New Variants

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Evidence Demonstrating Impact – RCTs and Systematic Review Research Data
The purpose of this work is to provide yourself and others in our common field of work with simple, brief, easily accessible, highly credible impact data that can enhance your programming action, policy development and funding initiatives.

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(Mis)communication? Social Listening and the Exclusion of Marginalised Voices
This paper suggests that presenting social media data as an accurate depiction of community-wide insights has the potential to misrepresent community perceptions and to silence and marginalise vulnerable groups.

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Data Storytelling platform:’COVID-19 in the Americas: listening to the most vulnerable’
This research from the IFRC brings the voices from and experiences of individuals from 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Key Considerations: Improving Uptake of the COVID-19 Vaccine Amongst Women in South Sudan
This brief explores some of the reasons behind the low vaccine uptake amongst women in South Sudan during the initial phases of the roll-out and the contributing factors to the increase over time.

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COVID-19-related healthcare impacts: an uncontrolled, segmented time-series analysis of tuberculosis diagnosis services in Mozambique, 2017–2020

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Community Health Workers in Pandemics: Evidence and Investment Implications
This commentary reviews the critical roles of CHWs during pandemics and discusses how rethinking common bi/multilateral aid and private philanthropic investment practices can help create resilient health systems everywhere.

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Concerns, attitudes, and intended practices of Caribbean healthcare workers concerning COVID-19 vaccination: A cross-sectional study
The Caribbean has a long history of being a global leader in immunization, and one factor contributing to this success has been the commitment of healthcare workers in promoting the benefits of vaccines. Healthcare workers play a critical role in...

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A Global Strategy to Manage the Long-Term Risks of COVID-19

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IFRC Epidemic Control Toolkit
The Epidemic Control Toolkit provides guidance on evidence-based methods to prevent and control the spread of epidemics at the community-level, and guidance on appropriate referral and basic care for the sick.

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