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Community engagement for COVID-19 prevention and control: a rapid evidence synthesis


Willingness to vaccinate against COVID-19 in Australia
An online survey of 4362 Australians about actions or intentions toward the flu vaccine and a potential COVID-19 vaccine


Concerns and motivations about COVID-19 vaccination


One size does not fit all: adapt and localise for effective, proportionate and equitable responses to COVID-19 in Africa
This commentary presents a preliminary typology of important domains for localisation of public health and social measures, with a focus on interventions to protect people who are vulnerable


Understanding Trust: global conversations & local realities during the COVID-19 pandemic


Individual and social determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake

Report |?GeoPoll

Understanding the Drivers of Non-adherence Towards COVID-19 Preventive Measures in Namibia
This study aims to understand the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices around the recommended public health measures protecting the public/preventing transmission, and drivers of non-adherence towards preventative COVID-19 measures in Namibia.

Project document |?ECDC

Best practice recommendations for conducting after-action reviews to enhance public health preparedness
This report identifies the common features of after-action reviews, develops a validity assessment tool for appraising them, and proposes a set of best practice recommendations.

Tool |?UCL

The rapid assessment of vulnerable populations
This manual outlines where assessment must begin, how best to carry it out, and when and how to apply what is learned about the identification and needs of vulnerable populations.


WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health and Disaster Risk Management

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