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Review of risk communication and community engagement initiative for COVID-19 prevention behaviours in Cambodia
This report reviews data from an online and phone survey to measure the current progress of country-level RCCE initiatives in promoting risk-reducing behaviours that prevent the spread of Coronavirus. It draws on Fishbein and Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour as...


Practical Guidance for Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE)
This practical guidance is designed to assist programme specialists to implement COVID19 RCCE activities for and with refugees, IDPs, migrants and host communities vulnerable to the pandemic.

|?First Draft, PGP, UNICEF, Yale Institute for Global Health

Vaccine Misinformation Management Field Guide
This guide aims to help organizations to address the global infodemic through the development of strategic and well-coordinated national action plans to rapidly counter vaccine misinformation and build demand for vaccination that are informed by social listening.

Guidance |?The Collective Service

COVID-19 Behaviour Change Framework
The RCCE Collective Service offers and coordinated services and support to enhance standardise approaches to the systematic collection, analysis and use of socio-behavioural evidence to consistently feed into the response to COVID-19 and beyond. The development of the COVID-19 behaviour...


COVID-19 Global RCCE Strategy

Strategy |?WHO

WHO COVID-19 Strategy Update

Strategy |?IASC

COVID-19 Risk Communications and Community Engagement (RCCE) and the Humanitarian System: Briefing Pack
This briefing pack serves this purpose by sharing RCCE/humanitarian coordination experience from country level, feedback from global consultations and addressing frequently asked questions.


Community Rapid Assessment on COVID-19 in Eastern and Southern Africa
The CRA was designed to strengthen this evidence base by gathering rapid time-series data to examine protective practices, coping strategies, and emerging needs in relation to COVID-19.


A guide to preventing and addressing social stigma associated with COVID-19
Social stigma in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease.


Mask use in the context of COVID-19
This document provides updated guidance on mask use in health care and community settings.

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